zaterdag 1 november 2014


Last week-end at the dollhouse fair in Apeldoorn, I did a workshop by Chris Malcomson on Friday, October 24th.  
I had never followed a workshop Marquetry.
It was hard work for me to get the result set. 
The technique itself is not that difficult, to bring it to a good end
 is a whole different story.
 I had initially made the mistake not to cut the small green leaves in deep enough, with the result that they slowly disappeared by sanding.

But with the patient explanations and help from Chris, eventually I managed to bring the workshop to a nice result. 

It is fantastic to see how Chris gives you an impression of his work. 
I found it a very pleasant day, 

Practice makes perfect. 

At the hotelroom I started with the edge of the tray while sipping a glass of wine. 
After enjoying a great day.

Everyone who attended the workshop thanks for the wonderful day and Chris Cheers!!

maandag 20 oktober 2014

A summer is over

Long time since I've posted.
Unfortunately I have to confess that I've had many other things on my head.
But I may say that the small concerns I've had, disappeared.
It's not just only been doom. 
I have been much of the summer in my garden. 
We have spend a lot of time with our friends and acquaintances.

We went to Portugal on holiday, to the Algarve with a fine visit to Lisbon/Lisboa. 
We enjoyed so much the weather, the fish, the fado and the sea.
We enjoyed the city and the tram rides and the splendid cultural and historical attractions of the city.

My husband and I we have enjoyed our summer. 

The summer is quickly passed and I again become a year older.
Thats life and so it goes.

But Finally!

I have the base of my linen room finished. 
All finishing edges, skirting boards and so on..

 The big question is, what I will do with the floor of the room.
I have long thoughts about the floor.
I did make an old-fashioned drying rack, 
At the roof is also coming a drying rack, which is under construction.

I'm working on a little curtain that you can roll up and down, I do not know the name in English.
It is still work in progress.

Collecting miniatures goes slowly.

I'm working on a sampler that comes to hang against the wall.
Embroidery is a bit tricky work,
but I learn by practicing.
  It is a small work what I can do cozy on the couch in the evening.

(The tables I made myself, incl the chair)

Cute is still the underwear that I won with the Give Away of Amber's House
It is so beautiful and accurate sewn, really brilliantly beautiful!

The Cup is a present from: Elisabeth Causeret.
I miss a spoon in the cup?

The basket is made by: Will Werson

It is a great idea that I have a whole life time to find all the right miniatures for my home.

Many dear greetings.

donderdag 20 februari 2014

 A small glimpse

I've been busy for a while with the linen room.
The hammering of the wood, took a lot of time to complete.

The inspiration for the roof comes from the old Dutch farmhouse roofs.
I still have to make beams in the top of the roof and a drying rack.

The side walls of the room I made from wooden slats.
A wide lat alternating with a narrow lat, painted with chalk paint.
 The floor is from blank wooden planks, which I still need to paint.

I would like to share some photos with you of the progress of the linen room.
I have put some photos from the room with some  furniture to give you an impression of what it can be..

As for the furniture and the miniatures I am still looking for the right ones.
I find it so nice to search on the internet for the right miniatures to complete my picture of the linen room that I have in my head.

The iron is not quite what I am lokking for, but he is nice.
 I got one in mind, but I have still not ordered him.

The photos of the right side of the room are still coming.
I have a roller blind/ curtain made for the window.

I hope that I have been able to give you a bit of an impression.

zaterdag 1 februari 2014

Miniature Article

In december of the last year, I was approached by the Dutch magazine Doll Houses & Miniatures P&M
The magazine wanted a new section on beautiful and fun dollhouse weblogs.
They found my weblog and they were impressed.
So nice don't you think?

They asked me if I would like to work with them on a new item for there magazine.
The article includes an interview with the blogger with pictures + a brief tutorial of the blogger.

I found that fun and have participated.
The result you can see in the pictures I made of the magazine.

It is the first time for me that I am  in a magazine. 
I have had a fun email contact with Karin, one of the editors and they have done their best to make something nice out of it.

The work description of the "Dutch kitchen table"  I can not publish yet on my blog, (blurry picture of the 2nd page of the tutorial) therefore these photos and a compilation of the submitted photos to give you an idea.

I am the first they asked for this section in this magazine.
I'm curious who is next.
It was fun, It was fun, It was fun.

dinsdag 3 december 2013

The Fifth of December
1 day left and it is December the fifth.
  The feast of St. Nicholas or ' Sinterklaas ' is an age old tradition in Holland, dating back to at the 13th century.

I always find it a cozy time.
I have very warm,fun and unforgettable memories to Sinterklaas.
As a child on the couch in pajamas with a LP with Sinterklaas songs, Peper nuts, Cinnamon cookies and hot chocolate and then wait until the good holy man rings at the door and put down the bag with presents.
I was always screaming when there was a knock at the door.
It was an exciting time for me and all other children.

The Dutch painter Jan Steen painted a ' Saint Nicholas Feast ' (1665-1668).
The painting hangs in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
You can see that they already celebrated the feast of St-Nicholas in the 17th century.
It's a busy bunch.
On the painting you can see that the children have just received their presents.
 The girl has a doll, sweets and there are a lot of other toys.
A bit spoiled,
You see at the painting, all kinds of delicacies.
Still now I celebrate Sinterklaas.
Speculaas and warm Apple Pie with hot chocolate on the couch.
In yes, my Pajamas and warm socks.
The miniature kitchen of Sinterklaas smells delicious .
Preparations are in full swing.
 Baking Cinnamon cookies and of course apple pie.
Thank you Annet for your beautiful Speculaaspoppen
the carrots for the horse of St-Nicholas.
This Painting is from R.Brakenburg The feast of St Nicholas: 1685.

We celebrate St- Nicholas today a little bit different than in the 17th century, but
some things have not changed.

maandag 11 november 2013

A piece of Delftware 

For a beautiful picture I made a little scene in the Hall.

I would like to show you one of my newest purchases.
A Delft blue plate.
Handmade and painted by: Cocky Wildschut.

As you can see at the picture the plate is really beautifully detailed painted.
The clouds are so meticulous and beautifully performed.
The edges of the plate so lovely painted with flowers.

I have the plate already shown in my previous post.
It's one of my purchases I have done at the fair in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands Dolls House Show

Is it beautiful of not?

maandag 28 oktober 2013

In the spotlight
I was googling what kind of lighting I wanted at the roof of the linen room.
I thought at first at plafonieres, but I thought that the light will maybe rather static this way.

I have eventually chosen for spotlights.
With this way of light I can pull out a miniature in the room and there will be enough light for the whole room at the same time.

 The front of the room, is covered with a board, so you won't see the spot lights only the beam of light.
I have this covering board set aside for the picture.

On the picture below you can see the beam of light of one of the spotlights on the seat and the ground.
In real the light is so much nicer and more real.  
The closet is typical Dutch.
The cabinet is called a "Girls Closet".
 I'm going to give the closet the color a bit darker than Pine.
I am planning to make a small keyhole with key on the closet.
Then I am going to fill this cabinet with linen.

The photos of the Cabinet I made to give you an impression of the atmosphere that the spotlight  gives.
(The Cabinet comes from the oldest doll's house shop of the Netherlands).
On the cabinet you can see small wooden boxes.
 These old boxes were for example gift given at a marriage proposal, richly decorated.
The boxes date from between 1750-1825.
 It is a challenge for me to paint the small boxes so that they look like the real old boxes.
I can already look forward to the job.
If I have time this week, 
 A wall has to be finished as you see on the picture with the Cabinet.
I'm going to start laying the wooden floor
 From the roof down there are going to be beams,
 and everything is going to be neatly finished afther that.
There was the huge storm that raged today over our country
Wind force 10 is measured at us on the coast.
Branches are torn from the trees in our garden.
It rains constantly.


The central heating high, plenty of tea.
My miniature household goes first.

I wish you all a nice week.